Worship on Wednesday

Wednesday is our community day.
There are various activities going on during the day, from the altar guild work to some building clean up.
5 pm is when Andrew starts the Catechism class for kids of all ages. He is following the lectionary and his classes are engaging, fun and upbeat.
5.30 pm is when Amy starts her Art class, every week a new different project, including slime making, painting and working with beads. All kids are welcome.
6.30 pm is when we gather for Holy Eucharist or Evening Prayer.
7 pm is when Forest, or sometimes another member of our wonderful congregation, serves a delicious dinner.
We welcome all children, not just the ones associated with our faith community. There is no cost for participation, but we do have a donation jar for those that wish to contribute. All kids and all parents and everyone else are invited to dinner.