11 things I love about the Episcopal Church

I like the thoughts in this article by Ben Irwin. Take a look!

Ben Irwin


My faith was saved in a gutted-out shopping mall.

I had reached a point where I no longer believed in God’s love—or rather, I didn’t believe it was meant for me. I thought it was something reserved for God’s “chosen ones,” and I just couldn’t imagine myself as one of the lucky few.

It was a trendy church with a famous pastor and a hip worship band that helped me reassemble the pieces of my faith. I will always be thankful for that church.

At that time, I had no idea my journey would lead from that gutted-out shopping mall to an old red door. But it did. Today it’s the Eucharist, the stained glass windows, and the liturgies of the Episcopal Church that are breathing new life into my faith.


I’m not alone, either. Lately I’ve been sifting through the stories of fellow travelers like Rachel Held Evans, Jonathan Martin

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Candidates for Presiding Bishop

-James Curneal

As someone new to the Episcopal tradition, I find the process of electing a Presiding Bishop very interesting.  I believe the process to very beneficial for all involved.  It is my prayer that God will guide those involved in this process.

For others who are interested, I’ve located videos of each of the current nominees and attached them below.  Each nominee answers two questions:

1. What changes would you encourage in the Church to enable us to be the Church God is calling us to be?

2. In the Good News of Jesus, what do you feel most called to share with the Church in this moment?

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry

The Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas

The Rt. Rev. Dabney Smith