Prayer Ministry

Prayers of the people

St. Stephen’s is truly a house of prayer. Prayer is incorporated into our services through the Book of Common Prayer. To be included in the prayers of the people during services or if you want to include someone you know, just write the name on the prayer board in the sanctuary.

Intercessory prayer

We have an intercessory prayer ministry available in the chapel area of the church after communion with a prayer team available for prayer and anointing with oil. Contact Deanna Anderson if you would like to be part of this prayer ministry. If you desire prayer just come to the chapel area after you take communion. The team will offer prayers specifically for the need you have given them or simply lift you up with your concerns and issues without ever knowing exactly why you have come for prayer.

Prayer chain

When special needs come up you can contact the office or Isabel Sullivan and the information will be forwarded to the prayer chain. Members of this group will keep your special request in their prayers so you will have someone offering special prayers throughout the day and night. Follow-up information is nice for the group but not necessary and you will not be interrogated by the prayer chain members. Prayer chain members are notified by e-mail or telephone.

Sustained prayer

For some people, there is a need for an intimate, intense manner of praying. These are often care-givers, those experiencing chronic illness, or struggling with long-term concerns. Many gain the strength of the Lord and feel helped when they are surrounded by prayers and support from others. The Sustained Prayer Ministry at St. Stephen’s helps to meet the needs of those members of our community. A tangible gift is offered to the person(s) being prayed for as a symbol of our prayers, love and support. This may be a shawl, lap robe, prayer beads or other appropriate item. After an opening prayer to bless the person and the gift, anyone present is welcome to offer up prayers. The group closes with a prayer of thanks and the Passing of the Peace. Contact Judy Carter if you would like to join this group, be prayed for or to create gifts which are blessed and given. Gifts have been sewn, knitted, crocheted, quilted, or using artistic talents.

Visiting prayer

There is also an opportunity to connect with members of our congregation by telephone or by visiting them in their homes or in a hospital setting. These are very short visits, with prayer being our main intent, and limited to two or three visitors if done in person. Contact Judy Carter or Deanna Anderson if you are interested in joining this prayer ministry or would like to be visited.  St. Stephen’s also has Lay Eucharistic Visitors. These are parish members with additional training offered here at the parish and licensed by the Bishop to take communion to those who are unable to attend the services. Please contact Rev. Mary to learn more about this special lay ministry.

To contact any of the individuals about joining a group please phone or email:

The church office phone: 801-968-2731

The church office email:


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