Sunday Services, July 5, 2020

This Sunday (July 5) the plan is to join a Zoom session at 10:45 am. Joining a Zoom meeting is from the app if it is installed on your device or using a web browser with the following URL.
 The meeting ID is 512 837 2955 without entering the spaces.
It was great to see everyone’s faces before the service on June 28! At St. Stephen’s, Daniela will launch a Facebook Live recording of the service when it begins. At that point, the Zoom meeting will share the Facebook live with everyone in the meeting. Alternatively, people can join using Facebook Live as they have for every Sunday since Palm Sunday except last Sunday. Once the service is over, we can come to the church wearing a mask to pick up a host.
Please be aware the Spanish speaking service (San Esteban) will be on Facebook Live at 9:00 a.m. as usual.
We are seeking consensus on what is the best protocol for how to conduct a Sunday service. Please share your ideas and comments.

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