Family Update

God has given us another gift of being able to serve our neighbors. Buza and her family have moved into an apartment. They will need some help with some things to make their new home comfortable.

Already they will be receiving help with dishes and pots and pans. They have two couches and they should be receiving beds from the Asian Association. I have a kitchen table with 5 chairs that will be taken to them.

Winter is coming, although we do love a nice, long fall. With that this African family who first entered North Carolina will need some assistance with winter jackets, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, and warmer shoes or boots. I imagine they could use some quilts and blankets as well.

Please think about what you can do to contribute and we can start gathering things to take to them. We may need a truck or two or at least some willing drivers to do the delivery of smaller things.

Speaking of drivers, please contact Fran if you are willing to be a Sunday driver for the family. Due to the car seat, it will take a large SUV or two cars to do this. Their new home is not that much farther from the church than their previous place.

I thank you in advance for what you will be able to do.

With a most grateful heart,