Message From Bishop Hayashi Regarding Diversity Training

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In light of the increase in racial tensions and almost daily news coverage of violence based on racism in our country, there is a real need for mindful conversations and awareness of how we as Episcopalians respond to what the House of Bishops in 1994 named racism as a sin in our society:

“We, the bishops of the Episcopal Church, acknowledged the painful reality of the consequences of racism in the 1994 pastoral letter “the Sin of Racism.” In that letter, we stated “the essence of racism is prejudice coupled with power. It is rooted in the sin of pride and exclusivity which assumes ‘that I and my kind are superior to others and therefore deserve special privileges.'” We issue this new pastoral on the pervasive sin that continues to plague our common life in the church and in our culture. We acknowledge our participation in this sin and we lament its corrosive effects on our lives. We repent of this sin, and ask God’s grace and forgiveness.

Whenever individual or community behaviors work against God’s vision, we have promised to respond in ways that will serve to heal: “Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being? I will with God’s help (BCP p 305).” God has created us with skins of many colors, God has created us in thousands of tribes and languages, and none is adjudged more godly than another. It is our behavior that gives evidence of godliness, not the color of our skin.”

We are blessed with resources in our Diocese to bring in experts on this issue. On April 17th and 18th, we are hosting a conference, Each One/Teach One at the Cathedral of St. Mark’s. Dr. Maura Cullen and Dr. Kathy Sisneros will be the speakers. This is an incredible opportunity to learn ways to continue our learning of this issue that affects all of us in this diocese, and to become instruments of peace in the midst of our community.

So regardless of past trainings you have attended or whether this is mandatory for you, I urge you to participate in this conference. Please encourage and invite others to attend as well.

To register, please go to this link:
For further information or questions please contact The Rev. Susan Toone and The Rev. Canon Pablo Ramos at the following email addresses: and

In Christ,

+Scott B. Hayashi